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Elisabetta_Pianta_studio-28-luxury-design-MiamiElisabetta Pianta founder of Studio 28 Luxury Design, is originally from Italy; she has an extensive background in Yacht Design and Interior Design with an Architecture Degree and a Master Degree in Naval Architecture achieved at the prestigious Politecnico of Milano in Milano, Italy. She started to work as a Naval Architect for the most famous Yacht Designers and Yachts manufacturers in Italy as well as in the United States. Elisabetta has developed her passion for the ancient discipline of Feng Shui when she was still in high school and lately she went to the Feng Shui Academy, becoming a pioneer in her Country. Elisabetta is certified by the American Feng Shui Institute with many years of experience in designing outstanding spaces and offering personal and corporate consultation. In all these years, she has teamed up with famous designers and architects to realize incredible projects and she is well known now across the yachting industry with a solid reputation earned in years of hard work.

Her goal is to combine ITALIAN  STYLE and Class with the perfect HARMONY and BALANCE of FENG  SHUI.

She has been also Vice President for a Yacht Broker Company in Miami, learning that  first impression is essential in selling a Yacht or a Home: the way you portray yourself and your workspace is as important as the product you represent or you try to sell.  She will transform your listing into an Oasis for a quick sell !

Elisabetta is also a journalist and corresponding for an Italian Yachting Magazine, Barche, reporting data’s, Boat Shows and Events from America in her monthly column called “News from USA”; that gives her the access to a very wide network and gives her the chance to be always on top of every news, technology, trends and materials. She teaches at the FIU, Florida International University - Interior Architecture Master degree – and she brings her students often to Italy for workshops and seminars in collaboration with the University of Genova and La Spezia.

Studio 28 Luxury Design is the ONLY Design Company in the world that applies Feng Shui to the Yachting Industry; the idea came after our clients and boat owners began to ask  to “change the energy” on board of their yachts, after experiencing beneficial changes in their homes. Because it is impossible the use of the compass on board, we have developed other techniques that allow us to feng shui virtually any boat/yacht. We want to bring peace and harmony around you, no matter what kind of environment you are surrounded by: an apartment, a boat, a mega yacht, your office or just your desk!

Elisabetta has a clear and comprehensive understanding  of Feng Shui  principles as the result of extensive training, passion, dedication, and a high awareness of chi energy.

She will bring a unique sense of style resulting from years of experience in yacht design: her use of space is quite incomparable from normal interior designer.

“Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever” J.W Goethe

“Beauty saves. Beauty heals. Beauty motivates. Beauty unites. Beauty returns us to our origins and here lies the ultimate act of saving, of healing, of overcoming dualism” M. Fox


Contact us:  info@studio28luxurydesign.com   Tel: +1 954-937-5981   Skype: studio28luxurydesign

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