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ny2Feng Shui your apartment, house or living space is something very delicate and misleading if not done it correctly. DESIGNING OPTIMUM ENVIRONMENTS for living involves more than simply decorating and furnishing. It is widely recognised that light, colours, spaces and forms have specific influences which affect us physically and emotionally; they can empower and strengthen us, or contribute to stress and diseases. At the same time, as individuals, we all have our own unique needs and tastes for our home atmospheres. These, however, change with time as the conditions and circumstances of our lives alter.

Feng shui recognises and utilises the points where the smallest adjustments will make the most beneficial difference. For example, it identifies geopathic stress; these lower the immune system and can lead to a wide range of health problems including chronic fatigue, headache, sleep problems, poor concentration, etc. You are not gonna “see, touch or smell” bad chi (energy), but you are gonna FEEL IT: you are gonna be uncomfortable in your own environment without knowing exactly why! Feng Shui helps you understand these dynamics and fix the problems in the space around you.

Our spaces are beautiful, harmonious and tastefully designed to suit the needs and tastes of the people that live there. You will receive a completely customized map of your home based on your home’s compass directions and your families’ life aspirations. This is tailor-made information specific to your homes’ energy map (flow of chi), that cannot be duplicated by any book or internet site. FENG SHUI HELPS WITH:

% – HOME STAGING: selling your property quickly! We work with real estate agents and home owners. 1st impression is everything! Let us transform your listing for as little as $99.

- NEW BUY: choose the right property to buy for you: streets, buildings around you and other obstacles that interfere with your wealth, career, family, health.

- INTERIOR  MAKEOVER. We work with architects and designers on existing projects in order to improve and custom made your design. You don’t need to buy new furniture: we are gonna work with what you already have!

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1. Interview: assessment of the client’s needs and issues.
2. Feng shui assessment of the home: assessment of all key areas.
3. Discussion, definition of solutions and implementation layout.
4. Detailed technical set of drawings with new layouts and color charts and renderings of the new project.

There are many different types of Feng Shui Schools, each one used to suit the needs of a particular client, home or office space. We specialize in the use of traditional Feng Shui School, using a Chinese Luo Pan compass, precise measurements of the space and the art of placement based on the 5 Element Cycle. We offer basic Xuan Kong method of Feng Shui with Lo-Shu Map (“Flying Star”). We will not sell you Asian lucky charms, plastic Buddhas or magic cures to place around your home or office. Each home is unique in its style, layout and function for the family that lives there. We absolutely do not place a template over your house (as shown in many books and articles you may find on line), and we do not provide a cookie-cutter style approach.

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