With over 20 years of experience in the Yachting Industry and Interior Design and a deep knowledge and extensive Feng Shui experience, Studio 28 Luxury Design can help improving the quality of your life by enhancing the environment around you, whether is your yacht, your home or your office.

Offering you a world class services with prices that is within everyone’s’ reach.

Our Price Listing & Rates are custom made on our clients; each and every project or consultation is extremely personal; we cannot generalize layouts nor designs. Ask us today about our packages:

DIAMOND PACKAGE: a comprehensive analysis of any property that includes: a preliminary site  visit, an interview with the occupants, a detailed survey of the property with architectural methods, a complete set of drawings,  renderings, final recommendations, updates after 4 weeks and after 6 months to check if all the changes made are working for you. Every year the calendar changes, therefore the energies involved; it is important to follow up. Starting from $1,500.

GOLD PACKAGE: a comprehensive analysis of a simple property (boat, one floor house, simple business), that includes: a preliminary site  visit, an interview with the owner, a detailed survey of the property with architectural methods, a complete set of drawings (2D floor plans with AutoCAD), a specific evaluation for your requirements, final recommendations. Starting from $1,000.

SILVER PACKAGE: an analysis based on information provided by the client. The client will be asked to provide detailed floor plans, including dimensions, and photographs of the interior and exterior of the property. All client conversations are held by telephone or skype, including the presentation of recommendations. The Silver Package is available for homes and businesses in all parts of the world. Consultations are done over the phone or by skype 24/7. Starting from $500

We offer several packages starting from $99.99 for Yacht or Home staging for a quick sell !

Our consultation is a comprehensive analysis of a private, residential, commercial or industrial property. Our consultation can be applied to premises of any complexity, including new construction and properties with proposed modifications. A thorough analysis of the Yacht or home will be performed offsite. This includes all aspects of Feng Shui that are visible to the naked eye and a precise “flying star” analysis of unseen influences.

A detailed SET of DRAWINGS will be made; we usually ask for the existing layout of your property in order to map and evaluate the different areas; if you don’t have one, we will provide for a precise survey of your floor plan. Our architectural experience allow us to use the correct methods of measurement: an error of few inches can mislead the entire reading and create mistake in the Feng Shui mapping.

Annual Update: during December and January, prior to the start of the Lunar New Year on Feb 4th, an annual update consultation is available at a special reduced cost. This applies to existing clients only and should be scheduled as far in advance as possible. The annual update offers the following benefits: calculation of the impact that annual energy changes during the coming year will have on the property and its occupants, and the enhancements and cures that should be implemented for the coming year; validation of Feng Shui modifications already put in place; determination of the Feng Shui impact caused by modifications to the property, decorating changes, or acquisition of new furnishings during the last year; consideration of changes in personal or business goals or requirements.

All Feng Shui applications are carefully chosen to blend harmoniously with the look and style of yachts, modern home or office that does not required you to purchase additional items.

Do you know how to feng shui your apartment, yacht, boat or office space? Do you want to change the energy and the dynamics around you? It is possible to make positive changes and corrections to any space no matter how small or large. We will help you to recognize the ‘Power spots ’, which are the most essential elements of Feng Shui practice. Because power spots are determined not only by the things that are going on in your life right now but also by the design and architecture of your particular living space, they are unique to each person, family, yacht and home.

The beauty of Feng Shui is that it suddenly makes visible to you all these things in your yacht or home that you have been living with for years, and that have gone unnoticed. Tunnel vision keeps you from seeing how things could be different.

By following the Feng Shui principles, your Yacht, Home or Office will become a peaceful and relaxing sanctuary. You will enjoy better health and experience a feeling of balance and harmony. Organizing and designing a space according to Feng Shui principles, will also help attract joy and happiness, more satisfying relationships and financial rewards for the person living in the space.

Today more than ever, companies need to be different. Thinking outside the box isn’t good enough anymore, especially in boat building.  A “one size fits all” mentality just won’t cut it. We don’t design “cookie cutter” projects. Each design is tailored to the individual requirements of its’ owner. The layout, styling, materials, elements and colors are carefully considered in the creation of your new space; one built just for you.

Whether a small or a big space, studio 28 luxury design is your best choice to get exactly what you want; if you have been advised of placing crystals and Buddhas here and there or move your headboard toward the North or having fountains all over, that is BAD Feng Shui…. Feng Shui is much more complicated than that. It uses several maps (Bagua), instruments (compass and Luo Pan), methods and schools (Classical Feng Shui Schools, Black Sect Tantric Buddhism School (BTB), Western School of Feng Shui) to enhance the space around you.


This is  why  we are taking  care of all the  aspects of  your life: Your  Yacht, Your  Home, Your Office, so you  will be  in  Balance  and  Harmony  to  attract SUCCESS,  JOY  and  HAPPINESS !

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