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Is it possible to Feng Shui your boat/yacht? YES! How? Two of the elements of Feng (wind) Shui (water) are represented on boats immediately! The other elements, Metal, Earth and Fire (represented by the color red or specific elements) will need to be placed correctly in order to give a balance to your environment. Once you realize that the principles of Feng Shui work, you will be one of the millions who practice the art of placement religiously. The consultation starts with a biography of the passengers who are going to be on the boat. An analysis of the living quarters and the family practices, will give us more information to develop a plan that will enhance the area of your life that needs support.

Studio 28 Luxury Design is the ONLY Feng Shui Design Firm in the yachting industry WORLDWIDE!.

Feng_Shui_Design_Miami29We  all  wonder  why there  are  awful  boats  to be sold and beautiful yachts still for sale; it’s not a matter of money. Some spaces are more “welcoming” than others. Sometimes you don’t want to leave and sometimes  you cannot run away fast enough! Feng Shui  helps  to  understand  these  dynamics and apply them to your design. Decorate a Main Deck Salon with the most beautiful and modern furniture doesn’t necessary creates the best environment for your client. If  the yacht  owner belongs to the element of the wood and you design everything  white, representing  metal,  your  client  will  feel  very unconfortable wondering why he doesn’t want to be on board. The explanation is in the Domination Cycle: metal pierces wood. But you still need to use other remedies.   SERVICES:


–  A comprehensive design service that is also intended to be a needful and essential support for existing projects. We work with designers to help them revise their projects. A good looking design is not enough. Clients want something more, something you cannot see, touch or smell. This is Feng Shui that works with the flow of energy to achieve harmony and balance in a given space.

–  Naval Architecture – Technical Support to: exterior layouts, interior layouts, structures and refitting.

MX_30_02-BTechnical AutoCAD 2D drawings and professional 3D renderings and handmade sketches.

–  Interior Makeovers and support to other yacht designers and naval architects to review and enhance their existing projects.

–  Long Distance FENG SHUI Consultation to yacht builders, yacht designers and boat owners.

–  YACHT  STAGING for a quick sell ! Available for Boat Shows, private showing and boat dealers.

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